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Feel the Pump with Full-plant Oil

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Looking for a clean, all-natural way to get the protein and other nutrients you need to build muscle? If so, then full-plant oil is the way to go. When combined with a regular workout regimen, full-plant oil not only helps build muscle but also helps muscles recover in between workouts while being vegan, gluten-free, organically grown, all-natural and GMO-free. Read on to see how our products can impact your workout regime and shop to change your life today.

What is full-plant oil and what does it do?

Full-plant oil is a safe, legal and beneficial supplement which helps with muscle development by reducing the level of catabolic hormones, such as cortisol, which are produced by the human body’s adrenal gland. The more strenous the workout, the more catabolic hormones are produced. Exercise stimulates the production of cortisol in particular; full-plant oil helps counter and regulate the production of cortisol and other catabolic hormones.

Catabolic hormones break down muscle tissue. They also increase blood pressure and work to lower bone density. Cortisol reduces protein synthesis and thus reduces tissue growth. Cortisol production is necessary, as it helps the liver do its job in removing toxins, regulates blood sugar, enhances short-term memory and helps the immune system. Full-plant oil does not prevent the production of cortisol, but it does help regulate and maintain a healthy balance, and thus slows the breakdown of muscle mass by such hormones.

In most people, the adrenal gland produces high amounts of cortisol in the morning. Production of cortisol tapers off steadily during the day and is lowest at night. When cortisol levels are lowest, muscles recover faster and more completely. Full-plant oil helps counter the muscle-recovery inhibitors in cortisol.

How full-plant oil can be incorporated into a muscle-gaining workout regimen

Cortisol and other catabolic hormones actually make it harder to increase muscle mass and tone; they can negate much of the benefit from a workout. Coaches, athletes, bodybuilders and personal trainers recommend full-plant oil as a way to better regulate the production and limit the effects of cortisol and other catabolic hormones. Keeping the production of such hormones from spiking during exercise allows the body to more easily increase muscle mass. Full-plant oil also helps improve muscle tone.  Full-plant oil has also been shown to increase stamina by regulating blood sugar.

Full-plant oil reduces stress, deepens sleep and thus aids in muscle recovery

Cortisol is a stress-inducing hormone, and production of cortisol increases when the body is under stress. Full-plant oil has been shown to break or at least regulate this cycle to help reduce stress and to both regulate and deepen sleep.  Muscles recover best during REM (or deep) sleep.

What products contain full-plant oil?

Full-plant oil is a safe, natural supplement.  It is legal in all 50 states and is available online and in stores which carry health supplements. Full-plant oil comes in a variety of forms. These include full-plant infused beverages (available in raspberry, lemonade, apple, and other flavors); tinctures (a few drops will do, and it comes in spearmint, lemon, tangerine, and other scents); chewables like gummies in assorted flavors) and capsules. Full-plant oil is also available in creams and salves, both of which are used by trainers in the fitness industry to treat topical inflammation, relax muscles, ease pain and improve flexibility. Shop all of these products to start building your muscle and improving your workout today!

Get Out There and Act Your Age

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Young at heart with aging joints?

You’re 50-plus and feel younger than age 30, but your joints and ligaments are out of sync with your inner youthful self.

Aging, we’re told, brings on joint pain and stiffness that impacts the entire human locomotor — the musculoskeletal system. Metabolic changes, hormonal changes and inflammation contribute to joint aging.  

However, with important healthcare breakthroughs, today’s active adults needn’t suffer from aching joints that interfere with physical mobility. There are natural remedies that can relieve sore muscles and stiff joints without the potential side effects of OTC or prescription pain relievers.

How daily usage of full-plant oil can breathe new life into old joints

The human body is a remarkable machine and, like moving machine parts, our joints need lubrication to keep moving well. More adults are turning to natural full-plant oil to promote joint wellness.

Unlike ordinary cosmetic moisturizers, body oils and oral synthetic pain relievers, natural full-plant oil is full of organic compounds that alleviate joint discomfort and chronic pain.

The cause of chronic joint pain, as well as unwanted tingling in the upper and lower extremities (the pins-and-needle or “porcupine” effect), is inflammation. Dietary deficiencies, lifestyle and poor circulation bring about joint inflammation and related health issues such as tendinitis and osteoporosis. The compounds in full-plant oil interact with the body’s receptor network to reduce inflammation that leads to painful joints and associated locomotor disorders.

Adults who have tried full-plant oil love the potency of nature’s soothing joint pain reliever. Only small daily doses are needed to stimulate joint mobility.

Synthetic vs. Natural Full-Plant Oil

Synthetic oil products lack the nurturing natural compounds that are vital to joint health. During production, the original pain-relieving compounds are lost or destroyed. Oil compound enrichment or natural compound recovery usually involves costly synthetic processes.   

Our organic full-plant oil is cultivated directly from seedling to finished product, ready for consumer use. Our plants go through an extensive 15-step purification process to ensure the production of the highest quality natural oil.

Fighting Joint Disease with Diet, Exercise and Full-Plant Oil

Our diets are too full of rich junk food that raises blood glucose and blood pressure to harmful levels. Also, many of us become more sedentary as we age. These conditions all induce joint inflammation that can lead to other disorders.

You’ve probably heard this before: Whole grains, fruits, vegetables and exercise are a remedy for chronic pain and a recipe for good health. But research shows the benefits of diet and exercise on our joints and total musculoskeletal structure.

  • Gentle yoga-style stretches limber the joint ligaments and induce calm and relaxation.
  • Low-impact aerobic exercises such as walking and jogging keep blood pressure under control.
  • A sugar-free and minimum-salt diet consisting of fresh fruits; green, leafy vegetables such as kale, mustard greens and spinach; yellow vegetables such as squash; and root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips and turnips prevent joint inflammation.
  • Complex carbohydrates found in whole grains and dried legumes cleanse the digestive tract and regulate glucose levels.
  • Supplementing a meal and gym workout with full-plant oil extracts rounds out a dietary and exercise regimen.  

Try These Natural Full-Plant Oil Products

The products from our full-plant oil extraction are created for enjoyment, relaxation and overall well-being:

  • Plant Oil Infused Flavored Water: Available in individual cans or a 12-can beverage pack, this carbonated refreshment comes in dragon fruit, pineapple-coconut, peach-mango and raspberry-lemon flavors. The infused full-plant oil promotes calmness, aids in post-exercise recovery and re-energizes the body.
  • Flavored Bottled Plant Oil Tinctures: Available in tangerine, spearmint and lemon, a drop or two helps you de-stress and refocus when your day gets busy.
  • Assorted Fruit Flavored Gummies: Made with full-plant oil extract, these gummies in assorted fruit flavors are fun to chew and help restore body synergy.
  • Plant Oil Capsules: A bottle of these capsules easily blend into your daily and nightly routines. These capsules help melt away joint stress and pain.  

Every day brings a fresh product creation and we constantly refresh our product line. Vegan, non-GMO, and gluten- and allergy-free, our extracted plant oil products are made in the USA. Shipping is free with every purchase.

Don’t let aging joints interfere with youthful vigor. Reclaim your energy with natural full-plant oil products and act your true age.
Contact our shop to place an order or if there are questions. Or shop online for your favorite plant oil product.  

Why purity in your full-plant oil is so important for your health

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More and more people are seeking natural remedies and medications versus relying on synthesized drugs from big pharmaceutical companies. Consumers are finding that many of these naturally sourced treatments are providing profoundly positive results when used correctly. One such natural product is full-plant oil. Discover what this groundbreaking oil is, how it’s used and how to determine if you’re getting the best possible product.

What Is Full-Plant Oil

Just like the name describes, full-plant oil is an oil that is created using the entire plant. By utilizing the flower, stalk, resin and more, users will take full advantage of the plant. By using the whole plant, the product reaps the benefit of the terpenes, cannabinoids, fatty acids and more. Some ailments and medical conditions that are said to be treated by the use of full-plant oil include everything from acne to Parkinson’s disease with many other benefits for conditions like anxiety, epilepsy, chronic pain and more. Not all oils are comprised of the full plant, some only use parts of the plants mixed with other ingredients. This process is called isolate.  

Isolate vs Full Plant Oil

To extract only the stock of the plant, the isolated method ends with crystals that look like a white powder. Because it doesn’t contain many of the natural elements of the plant, it is reported that many of the benefits of the full-plant oil do not occur in the isolate. To create the isolate, the process requires far more plants to produce a smaller amount of oil because only a portion of a plant is used.

Isolate oil is far less potent and has been reported to be less effective to even ineffective on the treatment ailments. However, the isolate is easier to obtain as well as integrate into unique oil solutions or food. Although there are uses for both, the benefits of full-plant oil far outweigh any other process.

The HEMPd Way

HEMPd takes purity seriously when it comes to full-plant oils. All HEMPd products are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and organically grown in the USA. So, consumers can be confident that when they are using full-plant oil to treat their conditions they will avoid pesticides, bacteria, fungus, foreign matter and heavy metals. The heavy concentrated oils will give you all the benefits of the full plant, without anything extra.