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Why purity in your full-plant oil is so important for your health

By April 30, 2019Health

More and more people are seeking natural remedies and medications versus relying on synthesized drugs from big pharmaceutical companies. Consumers are finding that many of these naturally sourced treatments are providing profoundly positive results when used correctly. One such natural product is full-plant oil. Discover what this groundbreaking oil is, how it’s used and how to determine if you’re getting the best possible product.

What Is Full-Plant Oil

Just like the name describes, full-plant oil is an oil that is created using the entire plant. By utilizing the flower, stalk, resin and more, users will take full advantage of the plant. By using the whole plant, the product reaps the benefit of the terpenes, cannabinoids, fatty acids and more. Some ailments and medical conditions that are said to be treated by the use of full-plant oil include everything from acne to Parkinson’s disease with many other benefits for conditions like anxiety, epilepsy, chronic pain and more. Not all oils are comprised of the full plant, some only use parts of the plants mixed with other ingredients. This process is called isolate.  

Isolate vs Full Plant Oil

To extract only the stock of the plant, the isolated method ends with crystals that look like a white powder. Because it doesn’t contain many of the natural elements of the plant, it is reported that many of the benefits of the full-plant oil do not occur in the isolate. To create the isolate, the process requires far more plants to produce a smaller amount of oil because only a portion of a plant is used.

Isolate oil is far less potent and has been reported to be less effective to even ineffective on the treatment ailments. However, the isolate is easier to obtain as well as integrate into unique oil solutions or food. Although there are uses for both, the benefits of full-plant oil far outweigh any other process.

The HEMPd Way

HEMPd takes purity seriously when it comes to full-plant oils. All HEMPd products are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and organically grown in the USA. So, consumers can be confident that when they are using full-plant oil to treat their conditions they will avoid pesticides, bacteria, fungus, foreign matter and heavy metals. The heavy concentrated oils will give you all the benefits of the full plant, without anything extra. Shop our full line of products today to enhance your daily routine.

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